Gold & Gems Art Promotion Council of Pakistan (GGAPCP)

Gold & Gems Art Promotion Council of Pakistan (GGAPCP)

F-824 Soha Bazar, Rang Mehal, Lahore,(54000), Pakistan.


Gold & Gems Art Promotion Council of Pakistan (GGAPCP) is a not for profit organization consisting of gold and gems trade professionals and experts.

These people converged at a platform to jointly working to enhance gold and gems exports from Pakistan and further polishing the expertise of artisans through domestic resources and international collaboration.

We have many international collaborations such as one with the Singapore International Jewellery Expo as media partners, regional advisor of the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) for VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show etc.

We want to develop the gems and jewellery industry of Pakistan on modern lines and prevailing national and international scenario. For this purpose, we exchange delegations of local gold and gems traders with other countries, hold workshops for their capacity building and attend international jewellery shows. To enhance the values of Gems & Jewellery industry of the country across the world is out motto.

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